At Forest Lake Law, we are honored when individuals and families trust us with the important task of creating their estate plans and planning for the future of their loved ones. We have experience providing guidance at each stage of the estate planning process for both large and small estates. Forest Lake Law provides a variety of services related to estate planning, including preparation and execution of:

  • Last Will and Testament

    Memorializes your decision regarding how your assets will be distributed at your death.

  • Durable Power of Attorney

    Authorizes designated person to execute legal documents on your behalf if you are unable.

  • Living Will

    Memorializes your decisions regarding end of life medical care.

  • Designation of Health Care Surrogate

    Authorizes designated person to make health care decisions for you if you are unable.

  • Declaration of Pre-Need Guardian

    Memorializes your choices for guardianship of you, your assets and your children.

  • Medical Records Privacy Waiver

    Authorizes medical personnel to release information regarding your health to designated person.

Although a strong estate plan will minimize and discourage litigation after death, inevitably conflicts do arise in the estate and trust context.  Forest Lake Law has significant experience representing clients when litigation arises regarding a decedent’s estate or testamentary trust.  Litigation may arise in this context under various circumstances, including will contests, which could be based on allegations of undue influence, incapacity, or ineffective execution of the document.  Individuals have a limited time period in which to contest estate documents.  Probate and trust litigation can also involve breach of fiduciary duty claims, actions to remove a fiduciary, surcharge actions, accountings, elective share issues, and will constructions.  At Forest Lake Law, our probate and trust litigation attorneys are experienced in nearly every aspect of litigation in this area.